Palisade Fencing is viewed as the best type of security fencing.  This is commonly used in factories, industrial units, and other areas to stop trespassing.


Available in welded or kit form to cope with ground contours.


Palisade comes in either galvanised or galvanised and powder coated in a range of colours.


Heights can vary from 1.2mt to 2.4mt.  If required, it can be fitted to existing walls for additional security.


Sliding or swing type gates can be supplied and fitted to match.


Palisade Fencing Dublin
Palisade Fencing Kildare
Palisade Fencing and Gates Kildare
Palisade Fencing Green Powder Coated Dublin


All of the pictures in the galleries is actual work supplied and fitted by Woodtown Fencing & Decking.