All concrete fencing is Pre-Cast


Concrete fencing is fitted using H type concrete posts, which allow pre-cast 1? high concrete panels slide down a track into position.  Subsequent panels are stacked to desired height.


All posts and concrete panels are reinforced with steel to ensure maximum strength and durability. This is a fast and economical alternative to walls as it is erected in a fraction of the time.


Concrete Slab Walling Panel (Single Sided)

Concrete Slab Walling Panel (Rock Faced)

This is high quality pre cast walling more suited to external boundary?s as it is single sided.


Concrete slabs can either have a smooth finish or rock faced pattern finish.  Posts are smooth finish only.


Concrete Panel Fencing is available up-to 2.4mt high.  Post lengths used will depend on ground conditions.




Concrete Walling System (Double Sided)

Woodfaced Concrete Walling System Dublin

This is a high quality concrete pre-cast fencing available in brick faced, wood faced or stone faced finish.  All are double sided making them ideal for domestic garden use.


Available up-to 2.4mt high, fitted using pre-cast patterned H posts and pre-cast patterned panels.  Concrete Walling Systems are coloured by a dye process and therefore may have slight colour variations.




Brick faced Concrete Walling System Dublin
Stonefaced Concrete Walling System Dublin
Concrete Slab Walling Panel (Single Sided)
Plain Concrete Slab Walling Kildare


All of the pictures in the galleries is actual work supplied and fitted by Woodtown Fencing & Decking.