Timber Post & Rail


Complete with (NRA spec. RDC 002) 3 rail post & rail fitted using 100 x 44 rails and 150x75 posts fitted at 2.1 centres.  Post lengths will vary depending on specification and ground conditions.  All timber is pressure treated for long life.



Concrete post & Rail


3 rail post & rail fencing is a stronger and more robust alternative to timber.  All posts and rails manufactured from steel reinforced concrete rails 100 x 80.  Posts 200 x 100 at 2540 centres.  Heights vary depending on requirements.


Chain-link Motorway Fencing Kildare
Concrete Post Rail Fencing with Chainlink in Kildare
Timber Post Rail Motorway Fencing


All of the pictures in the galleries is actual work supplied and fitted by Woodtown Fencing & Decking.